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Child's Play Tiffany Bath Bomb

Child’s Play Tiffany Bath Bomb

A smart Muppet once said “Rubber Ducky you’re the one. You make bath time so much fun.” For those of us who are past rubber ducky age yet still want to have a killer time in the tub, the advent of “bath bombs” in recent years has spiced up getting a soak. Not to be confused with “bath salts” which will make you go on an actual murderous, face eating rampage, bath bombs come in different shapes and sizes, but are mainly small balls of hard packed ingredients that dissolve in water creating a nice scent while releasing wild colors.  It’s like if Willy Wonka invented a trippy version of Alka-Seltzer to clean your backside.

Now a variety of fans are jumping into the geek culture inspired merch market with unique bath bombs of their own. Bath time isn’t just Child’s Play anymore!  Except when it is: the folks over at Loquita Bath and Body have summoned up the likes of horror icon Chucky and his bride Tiffany and trapped their tiny souls in these scary looking bath bombs. While currently out of stock, they will soon be back for orders and will be reaping havoc in your bathroom at only $7 a pop. I imagine watching Chucky’s head melt in your bathtub will be just like a reenactment of the ending scene from Child’s Play 2 where Chucky melts into a pile of goo at the Good Guy doll factory. Gross! Seems like we are going to need a shower after that bath.

Jurassic Park T-Rex Eyeball Bath Bomb

The still bathwater will suddenly start ominously quivering when you bring this bath bomb home. Another terrifying creation Loquita made is the Tyrannosaurus Rex eyeball from the original Jurassic Park!  I think I would run screaming if someone threw that in the bathtub.  “They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!”  A second Jurassic Park inspired item is a sugar scrub titled “Clever Girl.” The puns uh, …will find a way.

The Crow Bath Bomb

The Crow Bath Bomb

For those of us with less of a taste for horror and gore, Loquita also offers bath bomb tributes to Brandon Lee’s character from the cult classic film, The Crow. If that isn’t enough 90’s goth nostalgia for you, they also have a bath bomb made of the purple hued lips of Fairuza Balk’s teen witch character from The Craft.

I’ve always wanted to do that thing where you watch Jaws in a swimming pool. However, now I’m going to have to download Jaws 1-4 on the old iPad while getting back in the water with a Jaws themed bath bomb called JAWSome from Porcelain Wolf. This bomb releases blue ocean colors with the smell of the seaside, but then as it dissolves the blue waters turn to a bloody red. We are going to need a bigger bathtub.

Beginning with Psycho the bathroom has had its fair share of murder scenes in movies. However, none are as creepy as the one in Wes Craven’s classic A Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddy’s blade hand coming out of the water. So, it is fitting that to top themselves after the Jaws bath bomb, Porcelain Wolf created one inspired by Freddy Krueger himself. You won’t be having a nice pleasant nap in the tub when this bath bomb dissolves into the colors of Freddy’s sweater. One, two Freddy’s coming for you!

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Next, if superheroes are more your thing, you can have a splash with the Marvel lineup of characters.  Even if Hugh Jackman is unavailable to share the tub, a variety of bath bombs are out there including this old school Wolverine from BombardiersBLISS. The bath bomb even has a surprise inside; a small Lego Wolverine! They also make a Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Deadpool to rescue you from a boring wash.

Wolverine Bath Bomb

Wolverine Bath Bomb

These Minions will melt your heart and each other as their yellow bodies slowly disintegrate into your bathwater. Nothing despicable here though as these cute bath bombs from The Island Bath and Body also come with a small Minion figure inside each one. Even Gru would approve!

Minions Bath Bomb

Minions Bath Bomb

If you could have any pop culture figure turned into a bath bomb, what would it be?

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