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Disney’s reboot DuckTales series is coming to us August 12th! But if you can’t quite wait that long, fear not! Here are some great new clips featuring the new versions of Mrs. Beakley, Webby, and Launchpad McQuack. It really looks like this show is firing on all cylinders and will entertain fans both old and new!

Mrs. Beakley, played by Toks Olagundaye, is ripped and so much more chill about strange things and monsters than she was previously. She’s built like a linebacker and I love it!

The new Webby, played by Kate Micucci, is exactly the kind of mischievous adventurer I wanted to be at 7 years old.

Scrooge’s pilot Launchpad McQuack, played by Beck Bennet, leaves a responsible note after an unfortunate crash.

And if you haven’t seen the new Title sequence, check it out below! DuckTales premieres August 12!