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Oodon: The Never-Ending Comic Con

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Online pop culture fandom is fragmented.

Oodon is creating a central destination for fandom that democratizes and amplifies the voices of nerds in all their incarnations – as creators, sellers, brands and fans.

Nerdy Content

For creators:  aggregate your fragmented, multi-media content from around the web (videos, blog posts, podcasts, Patreon page, Instagram images, Kickstarter campaigns, etc.) to be displayed side-by-side on your Oodon Matrix (your profile page).

For fans:  Curate all the nerdy things you discover on your interweb travels.


Geeky Merch

Casual-to-professional sellers: Sell your nerdy merch on a nerdy marketplace. Either upload directly on Oodon or promote your listing from Shopify, Etsy or other online store.

For dogged acquirers: Like a comic cons exhibit hall, seek / discover the indie and licensed merch you’re hankering for.


Dorks Like Us

Super passionate about all things pop culture: comics, video games, trading cards, tabletop, collectibles, cosplay, anime, kindred spirits, etc.?

Be among our first 1000 Oodon sign-ups and you’ll be awarded an Oodon Beta Bot emblem for your profile page (currently in design).


Oodon…Where Pop Culture Community, Industry and Marketplace Converge Online…like a Never-ending Comic Con

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If you’re a creator or seller of nerdery and want to get involved, please fill out this short form so we can get to know each other better.